Stance: Studies on the Family

Brigham Young University Student Journal



  1. Good to find an expert who knows what he’s takling about!

  2. justement je ne pige pas… suppression d’un côté, recrutement de l’autre … (bon ok c’est pas le même salaire, ni la même fonction) ????ensuite… plus le temps passe, plus j’ai l’impression que la société vire au tout contrôle/tout répressif : des gars en uniformes partout, caméras, contrôles volants, amendes par ci, amendes par là, et là des surveillants. Vivement la puce incorporée, mr Darcos ??à quand les miradors, les chiens et les câbles électriques… ?vi je vois noir :p

  3. OMG!I LOVE YOUR ICON!MATT SMITH IS AMAZING, not as good as DAVID Tennant! Sorry, the iPOD KEEPS ON GOING IN AND OUT OF CAPS Lock! There we go!Do you live in England (like myself) or do they show it in America?!

  4. That’s a sensible answer to a challenging question

  5. Alright, your facinating tale has inspired me darling! I haven’t a clue about my family–I know there’s some German in there but I have a French name and am the only one in my possee with red hair and green eyes. Hmmmm…..there may be a mailman back in the list but I’m going to attempt to dig. If there be skeletons, I’ll be a-posting…

  6. Thank for naming all the blooms. I can never remember the names of flowers/plants, and when they’re recommended in the newspaper gardening columns I can’t picture them. So thanks for educating me!

  7. Jag tycker det är så tråkigt att det finns dom som lämnar så trista kommentarer till det här inlägget. Kan ni inte låta bli att kommentera om ni inte gillar det Philia visar? Tycker om din blogg massor, tycker du Philia bjuder på dig själv o du har jättefina kläder!! Keep going

  8. Non ho avuto soldi per andare "in vacanza" per moltissimi anni (e anche adesso non è che ne ho proprio tanti!) e non mi è mai fregato di dirlo a chi mi chiedeva i miei programmi estivi. Non vedo perché fingere di andare chissà dove, se non si va da nessuna parte. Per esempio, ad agosto, vorrei poter fingere che andrò, chennesò a New York, invece andrò a cento km da casa mia (e non me ne vergogno… ;)) Il video è carinissimo.Ciao!

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