Missionary Work on Facebook #MyFamily

Elder Bednar had a fantastic devotional during Education Week in August on using Social Media to share to gospel! To view the devotional, visit this link:


Even before his address, missionaries all over the world have started using Facebook to spread the gospel. This week there’s a facebook event going on specifically sharing the importance of family. The event started on Sunday the 14th, but there’s still five days left for you to get involved!10486195_10204769342097636_2671928875047627956_n

Here’s how YOU can share the gospel on facebook (and twitter!):

Wednesday #MyFamilyMotto – Share a picture on facebook of your family’s motto or mission statement. It can be long or short. If you don’t have one yet, this is a great opportunity to make one!

Thursday #MyFamilyHistory – the ultimate throw-back Thursday! Share a story from your family history, a picture of an ancestor, or a picture of your family tree.

Friday #MyFamilyProclamation – Share a picture of where you have this document displayed in your home (if it is displayed, if not this is a great time to put it on your wall!) and share one of your favorite quotes from the Proclamation.

Saturday #MyFamilyIs4Ever – Share a picture of your favorite Temple, you and your family at the Temple, or a Wedding photo at the Temple if you’re married. Share your testimony about the Temple.

Sunday: #MyFamily – Video challenge! Share a video from LDS.org about families –any video! Then, invite some of your friends specifically to watch the video.

Share the gospel through Social Media! The #MyFamily event is a fun way to show your facebook friends how you feel about your family.

Visit the official #MyFamily facebook page for more information from our missionaries:


You can also simply type “#MyFamily” in the search box on facebook.


by Janai Gariety

Social Media Advisor

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