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The Home Schooling Dilemma

stanceblogphotoI have a diverse educational background. I attended public school through fourth grade and all of high school. In between, my mother home schooled me and my siblings. I love and admire her so much for home schooling me. I was not an easy child to raise, and my mother was eternally patient. At the time, I resented her for teaching me at home. I desperately wanted to fit in, and I was convinced that my peers were judging me because I didn’t go to public school. Kids can be cruel, but let’s be honest; I was a bit of a drama queen.


I remember one afternoon—I was probably thirteen—I was throwing a teenage tantrum about it. I begged my mother to just let me go to school because I just wanted to be “normal.” She looked at me and asked if I was seriously more concerned about other people’s opinions than I was about bettering myself. I still remember how disappointed she looked when I repeated my desperate teenage desire to “fit in.”

I’m so glad she stuck it out.

I gained so much from my home school education. I complained and complained, but I became an active learner. Instead of taking the easy way and letting someone else be in charge of my education, I took charge. When I did go back to public school in high school, I was a different type of learner. I wanted to do well. I learned from my assignments and got good grades because I wanted to; Because I knew I could.

Every kid is different. My two youngest siblings love home school. They prefer the home environment over the pressure-cooker social situation in public school. I craved that social environment.

It’s not for everyone, but I think for parents who are financially and emotionally able to do so, home school is a great option. It allows children to develop personal responsibility, pro-activity, and a sky’s-the-limit attitude for life.

Summer 2012 Issue

The Summer 2012 issue of Stance for the Family is now available! This issue covers important topics in education, relationships, death, and many more. The topics discussed are so important to our families, and the authors have presented the ideas beautifully. We hope you will find the information and inspiration you need to take a stance for your family, and for families everywhere.

The articles in this issue are

– An Unexpected Event
– A Sure Foundation: Coping with Infertility
– Does Father Know Best
– New Infants and Parental Relationships
– Taste the Bitter
– Engaging Family Literacy Practice
– Family Dinner
– My Brother’s Got a Bad Case of the Washingtons

We appreciate the time and effort the authors, editors, and designers have put forth to make this issue possible. We also thank our generous sponsors and donors. This issue is available to download by clicking on the image in the column on the right. To order a print version, please contact the editor at