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Ideas for Family Fun: Picnic at the Park

Picture from here.

Picture from here.

With this unusually warm weather, spending time outside is a great way to spend time with your family. Eating together means being together—when people share a meal, they get a chance to relax and converse.

Exchange Park, Provo

Exchange Park, Provo

Provo and Orem have lots of great parks to choose from when looking for a place to picnic with the family. Provo alone has at least 20 different parks to choose from.

Nielson’s Grove Park, Orem

Nielson’s Grove Park, Orem

Many of these parks offer facilities so you can play different sports. There are volleyball courts, baseball/softball fields, and disc golf fields, just to name a few. After eating together, continue the family fun by bringing your old baseball glove or volleyball net.

Click here to see a listing of all the parks in Provo and their different features. For a listing and map of Orem parks, click here.

—Rachel Harris, Stance

5 Ideas to Make Learning Fun for the Family

President’s Day has come and gone. Maybe you roasted hot dogs on the grill with your family? Maybe you lit a few sparklers? You probably didn’t sit in the library for hours researching why you were celebrating. But learning can actually be fun and can bring your family together. Some of my favorite memories with my family involve us learning together. Whether we were looking at museums in D.C. or reading our favorite stories out loud to each other, learning was always a big part of family time.

Here are a few fun ways you can learn with your family:

  1. Have one person look up interesting holiday facts and while everyone else guesses which facts are true.
  2. Picture from here.
    Picture from here.

    Do a scavenger hunt in a museum.

  3. Go to a library and have everyone find the biggest (or longest, smallest, most colorful, best titled) book.
  4. Play learning/mind games like Scrabble or crossword puzzles.
  5. Read up on your favorite painting and try to recreate it using watercolors or finger paints. Then put all your paintings on the fridge for everyone to see.

—Ashley Smith, Stance