web-art-1By Rebecca Hamson

The holiday season revolves around food in our society, yet there are so many people who have hardly any, let alone the excess that the rest of us are blessed with. Brigham Young University has teamed up with Utah Valley University, Community Action Services, and Food Bank to collect food and monetary donations for those living in impoverished circumstances in the Utah Valley.

The goal is to raise 60,000 dollars and 300,000 pounds of food. To reach this goal, there are events going on for the rest of November. There are also bins for non-perishable food drop-offs located throughout BYU campus and throughout Provo. The bins will be out until November 30. Money can be donated at businesses throughout BYU campus and at local businesses. The cashiers will most likely ask if you want to add an extra dollar to your total cost to donate to this cause. Every dollar donated can be made into five meals or fifteen pounds of food thanks to Community Action Services and Food Bank and their resources and influence. So, donate to a good cause this holiday season to benefit those that are right here in our own community.