10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Healthy Lifestyle

mother-1245764_1920 According to the Journal of the American Medical  Association, 26.6% of children and adolescents were  diagnosed with a chronic condition in the United  States.  This means that one in five children today  have a chronic  illness, with chronic conditions s  spreading, it’s more  important than ever that we  take proper care of our  bodies.

 While chronic illness can be life altering, the effects of a chronic illness can be diminished by following a healthy lifestyle. It is widely known that 30 minutes of exercise and a balanced diet are necessary ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. What may be less known is that exercise and a balanced diet are suggested by health care professionals for proper control of one’s chronic condition.

Even though these guidelines are well-known they are difficult to implement into a busy family life. The following are some suggestions to start implementing a healthy lifestyle for your family:

  1. Find an exercise activity your family enjoys doing together and do it as often as possible.running-573762
  1. Plan your weekly meals to include fruits and vegetables.
  1. Have your children go outside and play while you make dinner.
  1. Keep healthy snacks around the house.
  1. Have your kids alternate picking the exercise activity for the day.
  1. Have your kids train for and participate in a family Olympics. The event could include a few families that are your friends.
  1. Alternate which family member picks the fruit/vegetable for the week at the store.
  1. If you tend to eat out, reduce the number of times you eat out in a month.
  1. Pick healthier options when you do eat out. (Pick a sandwich place instead of a pizza place.)
  1. Find delicious and healthy recipes to make.

Written by: Laura Fillmore