Could the Government Learn from American Families?

Christy Hinkson, a homemaker and mother of ten, recently released a new political book: Home Remedies for a Nation at Risk – What American Leaders Could Learn from American Families. She takes her experience as a mother of ten as well as an entrepreneur, business owner, world traveler, professional speaker, and American that has lived in almost every tax bracket to present new ways that government could model the habits of everyday Americans to benefit our nation.

Christy, who was previously named Young Mother of the Year, feels that this unique approach is what is needed in government today. She believes that no leaders should do anything on behalf of our nation that they wouldn’t do in their own homes. Christy uses common sense experiences from her home to teach principles that should be applied in government. Some chapter titles include: Stick to Your Job, Everyone Contribute, Live within your Means—Balance the Budget, Necessities Come First, Streamline, Self Sufficiency—The Path to Security, The Role of Protector, The Fallacy of Fairness, The Power of Unity.

The book is available as an e-book on

Be ready for another blog post with a review of Christy’s book! Or feel free to comment if you’ve read it and share your thoughts.