G: Family Goals

G: Family Goals

As we are coming to a close on our M.A.R.R.I.A.G.E. acronym series, we must cover the importance of setting goals in a marriage.

Here is my most important piece of advice: make goals as a couple, and keep making goals. Life constantly changes. The unexpected always happens. So, it is important to adapt when necessary.

Where do you start? Well, if you are single, consider making personal goals you would like to implement with your future spouse. Then, once the future spouse becomes less futuristic, you can discuss those goals with him or her. If you are dating someone, consider learning more about that person and what types of goals he or she has for their future marriage relationship. If you are engaged, take this time during your engagement to really make sure your goals for the future are in line with each other. It’s better to figure out sooner rather than later if you are both on the same track. Finally, if you are married, choose now to sit down and make some goals together. There is no time like the present.

I have a friend who mentioned she and her husband spent many times on their honeymoon discussing and making goals for their marriage and family life.  This a great idea! If goals are made in advance, then when life brings you lemons, you will already have the recipe to make the lemonade!

Try breaking down the goals into topics.

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Family
  • Couple relationship

Then consider breaking down those general topics into subtopics.

  • Spiritual
    • Have FHE weekly
    • Morning family scripture study (or evening, whichever you feel will work best for your family)
    • Couple prayer
    • Family council each fast Sunday

These are a few ideas of goals that you can make as a couple and as a family.

I know it can seem daunting. But remember, we do not have to be perfect now. Our quest to perfection will not be completed in this life. We get credit for trying, and that is what goals are all about. Life happens; things happen. Sometimes paths change, and we need to reevaluate. I know that when we are diligent in keeping the commandments, and we work in our families to follow the council of living prophets, our lives will be blessed.