Recipes, Vacations, and Advice

Stance is completely changing its style of publication (more about that to come). Because of our change, we are looking for submissions on recipe and vacation ideas, as well as parental advice.

We would like the recipes to be ones that are important to your family and that have a tradition or story associated with them. Please include that tradition or story in your submission. A good example of this is “General Conference Cinnamon Rolls” by Adrienne Anderson. Click here to view the post.

For vacation ideas, we are looking specifically for vacations for young couples who are either just married or who have only a few small children. Because most young couples, especially with small children, don’t have very much money, please submit generally inexpensive ideas. Also, we are looking for relatively novel ideas; we wouldn’t want something like camping up Provo Canyon or something along those lines. If you have any questions, please just email us.

The readership of Stance comprises mainly college students and others usually in their twenties. Because of that, we need all of the insights and special secrets we can get, especially for raising children. If you have one of those parental insights or secrets, please also submit those.

We would like all of these submissions not to exceed 250 words (for recipes, this only pertains to the tradition or story portion). In your submission, please include your name, university (if applicable), and email address. Please send them to, with “Submission” in the subject line.

Thank you very much. We are excited to receive your submissions!