By: Kaytee Johnson


“When football ended, I didn’t realize the hole it left in my heart until the baseball season started! Going to sporting events again has made me less stressed about my classes and given me joy thinking about our Cougs going out and fighting the good fight!”

-Chanel Wood (BYU student and avid Cougar fan)


Have you ever felt the joy that comes from experiencing something with a group of people, rooting for an outcome, and feeling proud of the talents and accomplishments of others? Attending and watching sporting events can increase the bond you feel to a school or state and can be a positive social experience! The Olympics are an excellent example of the positive social, cultural, and even economic results that sporting competitions can have on a group of people.


There are sporting events going on all over the place! There are probably even some fairly inexpensive options near you for attending or watching sporting events in a social setting. If you live in the Provo area, a list of upcoming BYU home games is included below. Check it out! Sporting events are an excellent “wholesome recreational activity” for all ages and types of people. A great way to form bonds and traditions in your family is finding a sport you all enjoy watching or playing together!


Upcoming BYU home games:


April 11:           Baseball @ 6pm

April 12:           Women’s Tennis @ 12pm

Softball @ 5pm & 7pm

Baseball @ 6pm

April 13:           Women’s Tennis @ 12pm

Baseball @ 1pm

Softball @ 1pm

Women’s Soccer @ 5:30pm & 8pm

April 16:           Softball @ 6pm

April 17:           Softball @ 6pm

April 19-20:     Men’s Golf