Take Time for Family

by AmberLee Hansen

As I was walking across campus the other day huddled in my coat against the recent fall chill, I saw grounds crew putting Christmas lights up on the trees in the JFSB quad. I smiled. Some people think that November is too early for Christmas music, too early to think about Christmas. For some reason, people see looking forward to Christmas as overlooking Thanksgiving. But for me, they all go together. From Halloween to New Years Day are two months of wonderful memories every year.

What I love about the holiday season is the time that our society sets aside to be with family. Some of my most cherished memories were made during the holidays. Like the one year my mom tried to make cornucopias for each Thanksgiving place setting out of steamed sugar cones. Or all the times we decorated gingerbread houses while the snow just kept piling up outside the window. I remember shaking the gifts underneath the tree trying to figure out just what my sister got me for Christmas. And sitting on my uncle’s couch—full, warm, and happy—content to just sit and listen to my family chattering around me.

The holidays wouldn’t be much without my family because to me that is what the holidays are. So bring on the holiday music! Bring on the Christmas lights! It’s never too early to take time for family.