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10 Easy Accent Walls

Dear reader,

Happy Friday! Maybe you feel like your walls are looking boring. Why not try shaking it up? See ideas for 10 easy accent walls below.

1. Broom—Texture. Different kinds of texture are so great. And this one is peculiar—in a good way!

image from here

2. Wood Panel. This style is very cabin-esque. Let’s go mountain-ing! This look would be great in any room, not just for baby!

image from here

3. Pattern Paint Rollers. Love this idea! And this pattern looks like modern-art/wheat. Too cool.

image from here

4. Gold Polka-Dots. So glam! So easy! Invest in a circle punch.

image from here


image from here

5. Starched Fabric. This option is a fun way to decorate walls in apartments or rental homes, especially if you are unable to paint where you are living.

image from here

6. Sponge—Texture. A nice soft touch added to any room.

image from here

7. Contact Paper. Play with different pattern ideas. Chevron isn’t the only way to go!

image from here

8. Stripes. Vertical or horizontal stripes are very elegant and very “in.”

image from here

9. Triangles. Bold and unique! Very cool for a bedroom.

image from here

10. Corrugated Metal. Rustic look that’s simple to create!

image from here

Thank you for reading!

—Katie Hollingsworth, Editor-in-Chief, Stance: Studies on the Family


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