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Buns in the Oven: Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

During the Christmas holiday, my sister- and brother-in-law made the wonderful announcement that she was pregnant! They gave my mother-in-law a book and written inside was a due date for when the book should be read to a new grandbaby. However, they had yet more news. Another book was revealed, announcing that there was not one, but two babies to be expected. My sister-in-law is having twins!

I cannot wait for the arrival of two new little nephews, but now my mother-in-law is a bit stumped on what theme to choose for the baby shower she is throwing. To help her out (and any mother-to-be who is expecting twins), I did a little Internet research on cute baby shower themes for twins.

Peas in a Pod

When I first started brainstorming ideas, this theme came up first, as it is pretty popular. Due to its popularity, there were many cute ideas that came up while I was searching. There were ideas for green decorations, cakes, cupcakes, cookies covered in frosting peas, and fun games including pinning the pea to the pod. It also has the great quality of being a gender neutral theme. At first, this theme might be overlooked because it is used so often, but it comes with a lot of ideas all ready to go.

peas in a pod theme

Picture from here.

Noah’s Ark

In the scriptures the animals came two by two, just like my little nephews. This theme makes decorating super easy because all you need isa boat and lots of paired animals. Themed food might be a bit more effort, but cupcakes with animals crackers on them would be cute. Also a gender neutral theme, Noah’s Ark could generate lots of cute and creative ideas.

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Wedding Wednesday: Kid Questions

The excitement is building; I am officially counting down the days now. In a little over two weeks my fiancée and I are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple! He feels like it’s not coming soon enough, I feel like the time is whizzing by.

Today, instead of talking about wedding planning, I’d like to talk about something that I will have to start thinking about in the near future; when to have kids. My fiancée and I have only talked about it occasionally, and it was only the basic questions like: “how many kids do you want?” or “what should we name our kids?” We haven’t really talked about it seriously yet, but I imagine that time will be coming soon. It’s a question that all married couples have to face and eventually decide on.

A couple weeks ago, my cousin told my fiancée and I not to have kids until he had a secure job. At the time we just smiled and didn’t say anything, but I was inwardly upset. Not only was it not her place to say, but also in the LDS faith we are taught that having children is part of God’s plan, and that families are essential to our salvation. I have often heard from Church leaders that couples should not necessarily wait until they are financially secure to have children. I knew that my cousin had heard the same testimonies on the subject so I was confused as to why she would say that to us.

I had to take a step back and think about where my cousin was coming from. My cousin grew up in a home where her father came from a well-to-do family and was already secure in his job when he married her mom. Taking this step back, I could see her perspective and knew that she sincerely had our best interests at heart.

While my cousin’s advice was logical, it is not up to her, the rest of my family, nor my friends, or really anyone, to decide when my fiancée and me have children. The decision when to have kids and how many should be between the spouses and the Lord. When making this decision, and really any important decision, it is necessary to consult with each other and pray to the Lord about the decision. By doing this we invite the Lord to be a part of the marriage and have a hand in it.422661_433475463356702_1883829178_n

Just as we wouldn’t want to be judged, it is important not to be judgmental of other couples based on how many or how few kids they have. No one really understands their specific situation, only the Lord does. The Lord is the judge of mankind, not us. Many times it may be difficult for a couple to bear children, and it would be unfair to judge them. Remember, it is not anyone else’s business; it is solely between husband, wife, and the Lord.

I personally cannot wait to start a family and I am so ecstatic to be a mother. Families are essential to society, and most notably to the children that are brought into it.

By Bryn Adams

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