10 DIY Halloween Decorations

With Halloween peeking right around the corner, why not get yourself ready with some fun Halloween decorations? Whether you like the homey and welcoming decorations or the more spooky ones, there are hundreds of simple and creative ways to bring the Halloween spirit into your home. Keep reading below for ten quick DIY Halloween decorations.

1. Paper Bag Luminaries

paper bag lightsLink found here












2. Candy Corn Centerpieces

Candy Corn CenterpiecesLink found here

3. Flying Bats

Flying batsLink found here

4. Glittery Pumpkins

Glittery PumpkinsLink found here








5. Ghoul’s Night Out

Ghouls Night OutLink found here








6. Floating Head Hanging Ghosts

Floating Head Hanging GhostsLink found here








7. Mason Jar Jack-O-Lanterns

Mason Jar Jack-o-lanternsLink found here






8. DIY Ghost

DIY GhostLink found here







9. Paranormal Portraits

paranormal portraitsLink found here








10. Black and White Pumpkin Topiary

black and white topiaryLink found here






Thanks for reading! Happy Halloween!
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—Bridget Lewis, Editor, Stance

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