Baby Bump Costumes

pumpkin bellyAre you pregnant and wondering how to dress up for Halloween? It can be difficult with a large basketball-shaped stomach. However, there are many ideas for “baby bump costumes” that we found online.

Some of my favorites are the costumes that use a normal shirt and decorate them with wording or images. Of course, I prefer the comfy and casual route. If you want something more unique (and probably slightly uncomfortable), go for the painting of your belly route. I have seen a few bumps painted as earths or caution signs.

Earth bellyAs for my baby bump, my husband and I have decided to be superheroes. My husband is using a Superman shirt as part of his costume. We found a Wonder Woman pajama shirt that I will be using. And for the baby bump, we are going to attach a sign on my shirt that says “Super Baby.” We have high hopes for our attempts at a Super Family.
Halloween can be an extra fun time when you have an attention-grabbing bump. Have fun and be creative . . . Or just stay home in your sweats watching movies and eating your favorite candies.

Happy Halloween!

—Lexi Foster, Assistant Managing Editor, Stance

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