Home Safety for Kids: Burns and Scalds

Smelling yummy cookies baking, watching mom do her hair in the morning, or plugging something into an outlet are frequent occurrences in a home. Accidents can occur during these activities, but with a few tips you can easily avoid burns or scalds.

  • Don’t hold children while using the oven or stove. Instead, put them in a high chair or on a stool close by so they can see what’s going on.
  • Be sure to unplug any curling irons or straighteners immediately after use.
  • Cover electrical outlets so children cannot stick items inside.
  • Be careful with microwaves. Some microwaves have hotspots that cause uneven warming; avoid them when warming up formula or milk for young children.

In the event of a burn or scald, rinse the affected area with cold water until the pain subsides. Then cover the burned area with a clean cloth without antibiotic cream on it. If there is any blistering, see a doctor to have the burn treated.




—Frances Avery, Editor, Stance