How to Write an Abstract

Here at Stance: Studies on the Family, we love receiving work from students and reading their ideas! However, part of the requirements for the submission process is writing an abstract.

In order for a student’s work to be considered for our student journal, a student must include an abstract on their paper in the email.

So what’s an abstract anyway?

  • The abstract does not need to be long. (Generally, it should be approximately 100–300 words).
  • An abstract includes a brief summary of the following:
  1. The thesis/main idea
  2. The main arguments/evidence
  3. The conclusion.

If a student emails us his or her abstract before the deadline (10.10.2014, this Friday at midnight), the work will go through our review process. After the reviewing process, we will be contacting the student to inform whether or not the student’s work will be used. We encourage you to submit before the deadline!

What’s your stance? We want to hear!

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Post written by: Katie, Editor-in-Chief of Stance: Studies on the Family