Museum of Art

I think as we get older a lot of us lose the intense sense of curiosity we had as children. (It really was a sort of sense with how natural it was.) That deep fascination with the world around us just kind of gets put on the back burner as we get older.

One of the ways I try to reignite this flame is by taking on an activity or a task that I don’t naturally think about doing. One such activity is going to an art museum whenever I get the chance.

I’m not an art enthusiast by any means, but once I get in the zone and flow of a museum, I could take in the pieces on display for hours. Sometimes it’s because I’m just taking the art in for myself, or it’s because I’m reading every single plaque to try and figure out what it is I’m supposed to be looking for in the piece in front of me.

If you’re looking to reignite that sixth sense within you, I would suggest taking a trip to the Museum of Art here at Brigham Young University. They have such an incredible array of exhibits and activities going on constantly that I’m sure you’ll end up finding some of that childhood fascination bringing itself back to life.

One event in particular that I always love going to is their Art After Dark night. Typically the first Friday of every month, Art After Dark is a free event in which you get to see a new exhibit at the museum, consume some good food, and even get some free entertainment (typically a live band). It’s a really great way to spend date night, family night, roommate night, or I-want-some-alone-time-but-I-don’t-want-to-seem-anti-social night.

Plus, their famously delicious Cafe is now open later on Fridays if you want to indulge your taste sense as well as that curiosity one I mentioned before.

Make sure to check out the MoA’s events page here.