Women’s Day in Provo

International Women’s Day has been around since the early 1900’s, but it’s only been called to my attention in the past few weeks. Maybe I’ve just been living under a rock, or maybe the feminist outcry has been taken a little more seriously this year. I’m all for celebrating women, and Provo is too.

Courtesy of http://www.provowomensday.com

Today, March 8, Provo is having a day-long celebration of women. There will be a bike ride, an art discussion, and a show at Velour this evening.

According to their website:

This event started as a city initiative to enhance the visibility of the women of Provo, promote leadership opportunities for women in our community, and provide opportunities for women to help one another. Our hope is that it will grow into a Provo tradition and become a part of our culture for years to come. ​

If you can’t make it to the earlier events, I would definitely try to make it to the later ones. I’m so proud of Provo and its decision to make this holiday such a part of their community.

#ProvoWomensDay all the way.

—Jazmin Cybulski, Stance