Stance Journal 2014 Available on Issuu

Hello Friends!

We have just published our most recent journal (Fall 2014) on the website Issuu, where you can view it, as well as previous issues. For a sneak peek into what is inside, see the Letter from the Editor below and happy reading!

Letter from the Editor:

The cover artwork is a photograph of one of the sculptures created by Peggy Hughes. This sculpture has various shapes in various colors, from deep emerald to light, crystal white, from cherry red to golden hues. All of these different shapes and colors placed next to one another create an exciting whole. Similarly, what it means to have a family, to be married, to have children, and to have meaningful relationships is quite varied, even within the confines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Family and marital relationships—the focus of our student journal—en-compass a wide range of perspectives. With this journal, we encourage professionalism, respect, and tolerance for insights that may initially be different from our own. Just as all the unique shapes and colors make an incredible sculpture, recognizing different perspectives is essential to un- derstand what it means to be human and to have relationships with family and loved ones.

This journal includes academic work, creative writing, photography
and artwork, and personal essays. Topics, such as same-sex marriage and mothers in the workforce, is explored from left and right perspectives. Literary analysis of books from Medieval times to the Modernist era provides insight of how the family is represented. We can find here the devestation that both mothers and fathers experience from the death of a child. Additionally, the importance of communication between father and daughter and between sister and sister is examined. What does it mean to tell the truth—to be truthful to yourself and to others? We find the answer in the poem “The Truth” as well as in the creative works included here that beautifully show what it means to open oneself up to examining the heart of important matters.

We hope you enjoy the effort that has been contributed in making this journal unique and insightful and find this issue both entertaining and enlightening. Please share it with your friends and family.

Catherine Ann Hollingsworth Editor-in-Chief