Valentine’s Day Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Everyone in Your Life
This Valentine’s Day we bring you ideas for showing love to everyone around you. You can make this love day extra special by giving more love to everyone in your life—from your Relief Society president to your mom. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Stance!


Relief Society President

As the Relief Society President blesses the lives of so many people, a stunning way to show love to her is to collect a note of appreciation from each person she blesses. The notes may then be assembled into a gigantic valentine from the whole ward. The way I have seen this done was each apartment in our ward got a cardstock paper to write the notes on. The papers were then collected, cut in different shapes, and pasted on a poster board with different colored papers next to each other, as far as that was possible. The results were so nice that it was even becoming of something related to the Relief Society.

Austin Tracy


Other people may always get the two of you confused, and you’ll get on each other’s nerves, but at the end of the day, your twin will be the one who has always (literally) been and will always be there for you. Show your love simply by listening to her or him or making the food. Laugh together about that one time you did something and your twin got so mad or that one time you two conspired together to switch places so that your parents would get back together. Talk about the time when you two went to the movies and were the only ones in the theater. Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, it’ll help the most constant person in your life— your twin—know that you love them.

– Monica Allen


Depending on age and personality, brothers can be tricky people to show love to. Mine is 16 and he doesn’t exactly live for spontaneous displays of sibling love and affection from his sister. That fact makes me thankful that I do have at least one day a year to feel justified in unabashedly showing my love for him whether he likes it or not! This Valentine’s Day I’m going to keep things simple and just send him a quick text telling him how much I love him. I mean after all, you can never tell someone you love them too many times as long as you mean it, right? A funny and cheesy (or perhaps sweet and sentimental) card containing a few carefully written favorite sibling memories is an even more thoughtful way to let a brother know you appreciate him. A little treat would be a nice accompaniment as well. As long as your brother knows you’re thinking of him, even small and simple gestures can go a long way in enriching that sibling bond. Reaching out at all counts for a lot.

-Samantha Bullock


Whether you call him “dad,” “father,” or your “old man,” you can show love to your father figure this year on Valentine’s Day. Here are three ideas:
1. Write a thank-you note, email, or text: He’ll be thrilled to hear from you and to feel your heartfelt love and appreciation. Consider relating a specific experience where following his example has brought success or happiness in your life.
2. Give him a call: He’ll love the chance to talk with you one-on-one, especially if being at college means you don’t get to see each other or talk to each other very often.
3. Ask for advice: He’ll feel flattered that you are coming to him with questions, and you’ll get some top-notch advice on whatever you ask about. The bond between you will only grow.
Best of luck to you as you show appreciation to your dad this Valentine’s Day!

-Tyler Averett


Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about loving the people we know. It can be a great opportunity to do service and show a little Christlike love. Whether it’s volunteering to help refugees, helping at a homeless center, visiting people in hospice care, or even just smiling at people as you pass them on the street, Valentine’s Day can be a day that can bring you closer to God and help other people feel God’s love as well.

-Cassy Hulse


This year for Valentine’s Day, I want to reach out  to my grandmothers. These women have played a big role in my life, and I would love nothing more than to spend time with them next week. However, schedule conflicts don’t make that possible over these next few days. So instead, I have decided to send each of them a valentine. Reaching out doesn’t have to be big. Doing something simple can put a smile on someone’s face. I hope that my little notes will make their Valentine’s Days a bit brighter.

-Rebecca Cazanave

Grown-up Kids

Just because your children are grown and married doesn’t mean they don’t want to be loved in silly and fun ways. This year, surprise them with something new.  If they live close and have kids, show up with dinner for the kids and let the parents go out! Or invite them over for a valentine dinner complete with pink, heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream on top.  Another option (no matter where they live) is to write each of them a “love” letter. Tell them why they are precious to you, what great talents you see in them, or a favorite memory of a time spent with them. The key is show love to them when they aren’t expecting it.

-Phyllis Rosen


You may be best friends with your neighbors, or you may be practically strangers, but whatever your relationship with them, it’s always nice to show your love for the people that surround you. Give a little love this year by making a treat and ding-dong ditching it, or by cutting out hearts with nice messages on them to heart-attack their lawn. Giving service is a great way to show your love—I know that I tend to feel more loving when I step out of my comfort zone to love others.

-Cari Averett


During the Valentine season our thoughts of love and appreciation generally go straight for our immediate family, but what about our in-laws? In-laws also go to great lengths to make sure we feel loved and appreciated as if we were always a part of their family. Even a simple thank-you card dressed up as a valentine would mean the world to them. Give them a call along with your spouse and share your love and gratitude for all they do. Men, if you want to win some extra brownie points, you could even send your mother-in-law some flowers, chocolate, or whatever she likes!

-Elizabeth Hansen

Many husbands go all out picking flowers and chocolates for their wives, but they definitely need some love on Valentine’s Day too. Most men will appreciate a heartfelt card. Try to list all the things you love about your hubby. Can you think of 52? If you can, take a deck of cards and cover one side in colored paper. Write one thing you love about him on each card, punch holes in one corner, and put them on a big O-ring. He’ll love reading all the reasons why you love him. Everyone says that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… so why not make him a nice candlelit dinner at home? You won’t have to worry about fighting the crowds at a fancy restaurant. After you eat, you can cuddle up to watch a romantic movie or look through your dating and wedding pictures. Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, focus on making him feel loved and it will be a special day for both of you.

-Mckenna Clarke

For all of you out there who have a very special girl you want to show some love to, I’ve got some tips. Maybe you don’t show appreciation to her very often, but Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to make up for that! I’m not talking about your wife, girlfriend, crush, or friend. I’m not even talking about your mom (though definitely make sure to show her some love). I’m talking about your sister! I have two sisters myself, both in high school, and this Valentine’s Day, I’m hoping to show them some appreciation. Here’s some suggestions from ideas I’ve come up with:
  • Take her out to lunch. Valentine’s Day dates usually aren’t until about dinner time anyway, so lunch is great to spend some time with her before.
  • Take her out to dinner. Neither of you have dates that night? Doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Plus, I’m not sure there’s a better people watching opportunity than dinner time on Valentine’s Day, if you’re into that kind of thing.
  • Give her a call! This might take a little coordination if you live in different time zones, but everyone can make time for a quick call. You can make it even more special by using Skype or FaceTime.
  • Write her a card! You gave your entire class a valentine in elementary school, so why not write one up with a little candy for your sister? It’s quick, easy, cheap, and she’ll love a little note. You can either mail it or send an e-card, so distance doesn’t have to be an issue.

-Austin Stutz

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a day to show love to our family and romantic interests, but what about the people we live with? Friend or not, roommates hold a special place in our lives. After all, we share our bathrooms, our kitchen, our very home with them—and on Valentine’s Day we can share our love with them, too. Being their roommate, you have a special look into their lives and what makes them happy, so get creative and do something special! Clean the kitchen or upgrade that old, broken toaster or blender. Turn up the music and have a dance party or watch their favorite movie while eating chocolate hearts. Let them know you are grateful to have them in your life.

-Jess Olsen

Showing love to your mom on Valentine’s Day is easier when your family lives close. If you do happen to have this luxury, I suggest treating your mom to something special. Take her out to lunch or go for a long walk and talk—just the two of you. Think of all those years your mom spent changing your diapers, teaching you to walk, driving you to soccer practice, listening to your dating stories, or giving you advice on what to study, where to work, and how to find that special someone. Don’t you think you can find time to express your love for all your mom has done and continues to do for you? I am blessed to have a best friend for a mom. My mom is the first person I call when that cute guy asks me out and the first one to hear about my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Now, since I’m not from Utah and don’t have the convenience of being able to see my mom on Valentine’s Day, I put my mind to the task of finding ways to show love even from far away. Take the time to write a note to your mom expressing your appreciation for everything she has done for you, then mail it to her! Nothing will put a smile on her face more than getting a note from you in the mail. If you are looking for a last-minute idea you can send multiple text messages throughout the day or even, make a FaceTime call to her! You’d be surprised how a little thing goes a long way.

-Camille Baker

Home Teachers

There are three types of home teachers: the ones that pretend you don’t exist, the ones who visit only once a month to put a check on their to-do list, and the ones who go above and beyond their calling. Regardless of which type they are, treat your home teachers for Valentine’s Day! Make them a treat and deliver it their doors. Instead of waiting for them to ask how they can help you, ask how you can help them. Offer to make them dinner or clean their dishes. Performing acts of service is the greatest way to show love and appreciation. How will I show my love for my home teachers? I think homemade enchiladas sounds like a great idea! What will you do to show love this Valentine’s Day?

-Naomi Hurd