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13 Organizing Ideas

Are you in the process of planning your child’s nursery? Maybe you are just trying to figure out the final details? Or maybe you don’t know what to do with the awkward closet or some bookcases you love? Either way, here are some helpful organizing ideas found on Pinterest. These ideas can also be changed to fit other housing organization needs.

1.  Need a place to hang the zillion games or some other items? This simple closet storage unit is versatile and not very expensive. (I found some at WalMart.)
organize 1
2. Try using clear storage boxes with homemade labels to help organize all of your baby’s needs!
Organize 2
3. This is a suggestion on how to use your nursery’s closet space.
Organize 3
4. If you don’t have an ideal closet setup, try these hanging closet organizers to give your closet more storage space!
Organize 4
5.  Don’t forget to think outside the box! One mom used peg board to help organize her baby’s needs.
Organize 5
6. If you don’t have a large nursery or if you need to share a space with the nursery, consider converting the closet into storage area and the changing area. (This idea is a personal favorite.)
Organize 6
7. Here is another idea of how to combine shelving units with your nursery closet.
Organize 7
8. Worried about making noise as you open and close the nursery room door? Try this simple solution!
Organize 8
9. Need help organizing the diaper changing drawers? This idea seems to work!
Organize 9
10. If you don’t have a closet to use but really need a closet in your nursery, try getting a bookcase!
Organize 10
11. Do you want your diaper station on-the-go? Try something with wheels!
Organize 11
12. Have you found yourself staring at the back of the nursery door and wonder what it could be used for? Even if you haven’t, here is a great organizing idea that uses a simple shoe organizer (again, I found some at WalMart).
Organize 12
13. Did you ever realize how many kitchen items babies need? I didn’t. Here is a great idea to help organize the kitchen chaos.
Organize 13
I hope these organizing ideas help you in your planning and executing! I know they have helped me. Good luck with your nursery needs! And, remember, have fun with it!
— Lexi Foster, Blog Writer, Stance

Parenting Advice

As a parent to be, I tend to think about parenting advice and mentally collect my favorites for my future parenting needs. One of my recent favorites is a picture my husband told me about.











This picture was very inspirational to my husband and me. We then had a long discussion on what type of parents we want to be. So, my advice is to think about and discuss parenting techniques and ideas and decide which ones you will keep and which others you will forget.

Want some more advice to think about? Here is some of my favorite parenting advice from an online article I found:

1. Memorize the acronym H.A.L.T.

Tantrums often happen because the thrower is Hungry, Agitated, Lonely, or Tired.

2. Repeat the phrase, “I am not a short-order cook”

“It’s a child’s job to learn to eat what the parents eat,” says Ellyn Satter, a registered dietitian and the author of Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family. Instead of the all-or-nothing scenario, offer a variety of foods at mealtime: the main course, plus rice or pasta, a fruit or vegetable, and milk. This way, your child can eat just the pasta and the peas and get protein from the milk. “What a child eats over the course of a day or a week is more important than a balanced meal at one sitting,” says Stephen Daniels, the chairman of the department of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, in Aurora.

3. To get little kids to be quiet, lower your voice instead of raising it

This forces kids to focus. Got a whole pack to corral? Whisper, “If you want to hear what we’re doing next, hop on one foot.” Goofy jumping is bound to be contagious.

4. Put on  your own oxygen mask first

In other words, take care of yourself or you can’t be a fully engaged parent. Parents who deprive themselves of rest, food, and fun for the sake of their kids do no one a favor. “People feel guilty when they work a lot, so they want to give all their free time to their kids,” says Fred Stocker, a child psychiatrist at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, in Kentucky. “But you risk getting squeezed dry and emotionally exhausted.” A spa weekend may not be realistic, but it’s OK to take 15 minutes for a bath after you walk in the door. (A tall request for a kid, yes, but a happier Uno player goes a long way.) Running ragged between activities? Ask your child to prioritize, says Taylor. She may be dying for you to chaperone a field trip but ambivalent about your missing a swim meet—the ideal amount of time for a pedicure.

There is so much parenting advice available to people. I have learned that parenting decisions are truly a personal decision. What works for one person might not work for another. However, gathering advice and then contemplating it and possibly implementing it will help make parenting a little easier. At least, that is what I am hoping for since I don’t have legitimate parenting experience quite yet. Good luck and have fun with your parenting adventures!

—Lexi Foster, Assistant Managing Editor, Stance

Food Poisoning

first aid_food poisoning

What do street tacos, Chinese take-out, and contaminated food have in common? All three are capable of causing food poisoning. Symptoms of food poisoning include nausea, cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting.

If you suspect that the food poisoning is a result of seafood or mushrooms, call 911 immediately. If you aren’t sure what the cause of the food poisoning is, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Control the nausea. Avoid solid foods until vomiting has ceased and then eat bland foods. Stick to the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet. Don’t take anti-diarrheal medication because it might cause more stomach irritation than it fixes.
  2. Stay hydrated. Avoiding dehydration is vital to recovering quickly. Clear liquids should be sipped regularly.
  3. Call a doctor if the symptoms last for longer than three days, a fever sets on, diarrhea becomes worse, or dehydration does not resolve.

—Frances Avery, Editor, Stance

Entertaining Kids on a Budget

financial blog 4 picture

There’s a sad fact of life that everyone has to learn eventually: doing awesome things can cost a lot of money. The good news is that kids usually don’t care how much it costs to do something fun. For example, most children can be just as happy visiting a free playground as they would be doing something much more expensive and involved, especially when they’re young. The other benefit to simple entertainment options is that they involve less standing in line, less being “on your best behavior” for kids who have a hard time staying still, and less stress for the rest of the family overall. The important thing is to spend time on the things that kids enjoy, not how hard it was for us to plan and carry out the activity.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for cheap or free activities to do with young children that will be more fun and less money for everyone:

  • Rent or borrow a new movie: Most families end up having a few well-worn movies that the kids love to watch, but it’s always nice for everyone to have a fresh story to enjoy. Instead of paying to go to the theater and getting pressured into buying that $4 tub of popcorn, try renting or streaming a kid’s video at home and setting up your own “home theater” (trust me, the popcorn from the grocery store can be just as good). Almost everything about this is more convenient than actually going to a movie theater.
  • Family picnic: Next time you think how nice it’d be to go to McDonalds and get the kids some food and run-around-time, I’d suggest first that you stop and think seriously about all of the better places you could get food. Second, try using what you have at home and setting up a fun outdoor picnic lunch for the kids, either in your backyard or somewhere close by like a neighborhood park. It doesn’t even have to be outdoors! Kids love novelty.
    • If picnics aren’t your thing, or if you have slightly older kids, try baking or barbecuing together instead of visiting a restaurant.
  • Set up a treasure hunt! It can be a simple map, a series of clues, or anything else that will lead them around the house and/or the yard to find some kind of “treasure.” It can be almost anything; in my family, my younger siblings loved doing this even when the treasure ended up being just a toy that they already owned. It’s the experience that’s the fun part!

Not only are these ideas less stressful for the parents, but they can also be helpful for children. There are some fun things that you can’t do at home and have to pay for, and I’m sure that everyone will want to do those every now and then, but showing children that it’s important to think about the cost of activities first will help them have better habits in the future with their own personal finances.


—Sam Watson, Editor, Stance

Sleep and Pregnancy Pillows

pillow pilePregnant women struggle to get enough sleep, especially when they are in the third trimester. Most articles say sleep is illusive because pregnant women’s bellies are so big that a comfortable sleeping position is difficult to find. I didn’t think this applied to me because I was getting great sleep at night. But then week 27 hit and suddenly I was tired all the time and couldn’t sleep well anymore.

After I woke up several mornings feeling more like a zombie than a human being, my husband and I decided it was time to invest in a pregnancy pillow. However, I needed to do my homework. I needed to find out what pillows were offered and what type would fit me best. I found an article here that helped me decide which pillows to choose.

After researching different options—wedge pregnancy pillows, c-shaped pregnancy pillows, u-shaped pregnancy pillows, and full body pillows—I finally decided on two types. I chose a round wedge pregnancy pillow for something small and useful in every day life and in travel and a u-shaped pregnancy pillow for ultimate comfort, support, and luxury.

Pregnancy pillows can be expensive, but they are worth the investment! Since getting the pillow, especially the u-shaped one, I have been sleeping better than I was before I was pregnant. My husband also sleeps better because I no longer toss and turn throughout the night. If you can only invest in one pillow, I recommend going all out and getting the u-shaped pillow. You will get the most benefits from it and it will last you for many years, even through future pregnancies.

Enjoy your future nights of restful sleep!

—Lexi Foster, Managing Assistant Editor, Stance

The Covey Center for the Arts

While it may seem that you have to travel to Salt Lake City for any professional play, ballet, or production, Provo has an arts center of its own! The Covey Center of the Arts is a wonderful place for anyone in Utah County to see professional, well-done performances.

A125-00036Located in the heart of Provo, the Covey Center is just off the corner of State Street and Center Street. The center houses two theaters: one small black box theater and one large, amphitheater-style theater. The black box theater hosts 6-8 theater performances every year. These performances are smaller and often more interactive.

The large theater hosts numerous performances ranging from ballet groups, dancing companies, and drama performances to acrobatic exhibits, stand-up comedy acts, and symphony performances.

One of the best things about the Covey Center for the Arts is that it offers a professional performance and feeling for an affordable price. Ballet tickets in Salt Lake City can often cost upwards of $50. But tickets for this year’s Nutcracker performance at the Covey Center are only $15 for the best seats in the house.

NutcrackerThe Covey Center also offers a unique alternative date night activity. Tickets to the regular theater performances are often comparable in price with movie tickets. A drama performance could be a wonderful alternative to a regular date night activity.



More information about the Covey Center for the Arts can be found here.

A list of upcoming performances can be found here.

—Jessica Romrell, Editor-in-Chief, Stance

Home Safety for Kids: Burns and Scalds

Smelling yummy cookies baking, watching mom do her hair in the morning, or plugging something into an outlet are frequent occurrences in a home. Accidents can occur during these activities, but with a few tips you can easily avoid burns or scalds.

  • Don’t hold children while using the oven or stove. Instead, put them in a high chair or on a stool close by so they can see what’s going on.
  • Be sure to unplug any curling irons or straighteners immediately after use.
  • Cover electrical outlets so children cannot stick items inside.
  • Be careful with microwaves. Some microwaves have hotspots that cause uneven warming; avoid them when warming up formula or milk for young children.

In the event of a burn or scald, rinse the affected area with cold water until the pain subsides. Then cover the burned area with a clean cloth without antibiotic cream on it. If there is any blistering, see a doctor to have the burn treated.




—Frances Avery, Editor, Stance

A Babymoon?

UntitledBeing six months pregnant, I have heard multiple people mention a babymoon, and I’ve received tons of pregnancy ads and articles about babymoons. But what are they?

For anyone like me who hadn’t heard of them before, babymoons are similar to a honeymoon. Babymoons are mini vacations that expecting parents go on together before their new bundle of joy arrives. It allows the parents-to-be to enjoy some set aside R&R time.

At first, I thought this was a silly idea. Then one website informed me that babymoons are a good idea because caring for a new baby can be stressful, time consuming, and anything but relaxing. I finally thought, “Okay, that makes sense! Maybe I should look into this.”

After doing a little bit of research and contemplating our schedules and finances, my husband and I have decided that our version of a babymoon is going to have to be a stay-at-home type vacation. We are going to pretend that our house is a cabin in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t receive cell signals or any other technology that would distract from our babymoon, and we are going to take advantage of some of the local opportunities for entertainment and relaxation.

If you want some helpful advice, I recommend reading the article “10 Babymoon Tips

—Lexi Foster, Assistant Managing Editor, Stance

Home Safety for Kids: The Kitchen

Often, young children are cared for at home by an older sibling for at least a few hours after school. More than not, the kitchen is the first place children go for a snack when they get home. Teaching children to be responsible in the kitchen should be a priority. By following these simple guidelines, keeping your kitchen a safe place will be easier: first aid

  • Keep pot and pan handles facing towards the counter and not hanging over the edge of the stove. Young toddlers can reach up and grab the handle, pull it towards them and possibly spill hot food or hit their heads on the pan as it comes down.
  • When opening and closing the oven, make sure there are no children in the way.
  • Make sure children wash their hands when they are helping prepare food.
  • Do not allow children to handle sharp objects like cheese graters and knives until they are old enough to properly handle such utensils.
  • If you spill something, make sure you clean it up as soon as possible.
  • Put child safety locks or guards on all lower cabinets so the possibility of getting into the cleaning products is decreased.

—Frances Avery, Editor, Stance

Baby Bump Costumes

pumpkin bellyAre you pregnant and wondering how to dress up for Halloween? It can be difficult with a large basketball-shaped stomach. However, there are many ideas for “baby bump costumes” that we found online.

Some of my favorites are the costumes that use a normal shirt and decorate them with wording or images. Of course, I prefer the comfy and casual route. If you want something more unique (and probably slightly uncomfortable), go for the painting of your belly route. I have seen a few bumps painted as earths or caution signs.

Earth bellyAs for my baby bump, my husband and I have decided to be superheroes. My husband is using a Superman shirt as part of his costume. We found a Wonder Woman pajama shirt that I will be using. And for the baby bump, we are going to attach a sign on my shirt that says “Super Baby.” We have high hopes for our attempts at a Super Family.
Halloween can be an extra fun time when you have an attention-grabbing bump. Have fun and be creative . . . Or just stay home in your sweats watching movies and eating your favorite candies.

Happy Halloween!

—Lexi Foster, Assistant Managing Editor, Stance

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