Bowls for Humanity

I know we often think about Christmas as the season of giving, but as Easter approaches, I’ve been feeling a greater need to follow the example of the One who gave His life for our happiness and well-being by giving back in whatever ways I can in this Easter season and forever after.

Friday, March 25, 2016, Utah County’s Food and Care Coalition is putting on their tenth annual Bowls for Humanity event.

Bowls for Humanity offers locally made pottery from students and professionals and invites the community to support programs offered for the homeless and low-income of Utah County.

It’s free admission, so the only thing you are paying for is the bowl and the soup and roll that come with it ($5 and up). It’s a great opportunity to give to those who are struggling, just as our Savior did and continues to do.

All the information for this event can be found here.

—Jazmin Cybulski, Stance

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