DIY Christmas

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Now that the Thanksgiving feast is over and the snow has started to come, it’s time to bring out the Christmas décor! There are lights to hang, the tree to decorate, and goodies to bake.

But this year, why not branch out from the traditional Christmas decorations? Here are some simple ideas to add personality to your Christmas cheer:

1. Holiday Shakers

holiday shakers









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2. Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar








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3. Honeycomb Wreath

Honeycomb wreath









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4. Let It Shine Centerpiece

let it shine








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5. Playful Button and Yarn Trees

button and yarn trees








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6. Paper Ornaments

paper ornaments








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7. Whimsical Touch Snowflakes

whimsical touch








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8. Tabletop Snow Globe

tabletop snow globe








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9. Sparkling Staircase

sparkling staircase








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10. Whimsical Christmas Bunting

Whimsical christmas bunting







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—Bridget Lewis, Editor, Stance

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